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The floret Collective brings together talented yoga instructors, spiritual leaders, and holistic experts to provide our tribe with elevated yoga classes and wellness experiences that nourish

the mind, body and spirit. 

Let us heal, relax, nourish, transform, and inspire you. Join our collective of spiritual seekers, supporting each other through health, wellness, positivity, and creativity. The goal is to create opportunities for our tribe to nurture their holistic rituals.



Jennifer Warakomski

Livia Candido de Oliveira

Giulio Ayrton Gonnelli

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From NYC to India to Tuscany;

Healer and Spiritual Teacher helping you feel better health and balance every day

Jen is a nature lover with a passion for teaching others how to create more balance, calm and clarity in their everyday lives. She’s the founder of Tuscan Wellness, a company that celebrates holistic health, healing, and empowerment.


She is an E500+ certified advanced Yoga & Meditation teacher, Reiki Master Healer, and Aromatherapy teacher. The roots of her practices and Classical Yoga education were planted in 2001 back in her hometown of New York City, and she has been fortunate to study and teach in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and India.


Jen's teaching style is

creative, alignment-informed, and grounded in bio-energetic methodologies. Her techniques give students the opportunity to embody a combination of science and spirituality in order to create personal empowerment and transformation.


She leads others on the path of self-discovery and teaches them how to experience freedom and possibility in order to overcome their own limitations. 



From Brazil to Florence, flowing with Power, Mantras,

Pranayamas and Biomechanics; energetically rooting her classes in tradition immersed into the most avant-garde experience.

Livia is a certified instructor in Power Vinyasa and Advanced Bhakti Prema Yoga. She has decades of experience practicing traditional styles of Yoga such as Hatha, Ashtanga, and Iyengar. This foundational practice provides her with a solid knowledge in different physical and mental areas, allowing her to create a Vinyasa style that is grounded in the roots of Yoga. 


With a passion for knowledge, Livia continuously is improving herself, seeking inspiration through courses and workshops from around the world. She recently finished her 300-hour Rasa Yoga specialisation in Bhakti Flow, a modality that combines Mantras, Mudras, Mythology, Pranayamas, and Biomechanics. Additionally, she earned her certification in “Awakening Somatic Intelligence” that focuses on Functional Applied Anatomy, the Art of Vinyasa Instruction, and Somatics. Livia incorporates all her wisdom into each class, which all have a different taste. The goal is to build a fluid and dynamic lesson, a fusion of Form and Flow, offering personal variations to students of all levels and physical abilities. 



Italo-Brazilian Yoga & Capoeira Practitioner,  Inner Leadership Coach & Organisational Leader, he dropped out from Corporate and traveled 20+ countries to devote himself to Yoga & raising people`'s vibration

With his Visionary Wholistic approach, Giulio is committed to inject Unity, Compassion, Ethics, Integrity, Inner-Peace and Happiness through Yoga and Coaching into the everyday of the ones who want to achieve their next level in their personal and professional Life.​ The grand benefits and transformations Giulio felt blessed to witness for his students and clients go from the frustration of not achieving goals to experiencing inner fulfilment by implementing Yoga into Business.


From feeling confused and lost to finding crystal-clarity and confidence while tapping into intuition through specific meditations. From feeling physically weak and sick to radiating health and contagious inner strength.  By blending together his studies and multi-disciplinary experience Giulio learned how to listen to his students needs and direct the practice right at those, with his physical, energetic and spoken guidance. 


WHAT can you expect from practicing with him?
• You will learn the Traditional Path of Hathā Yoga (by alive Humanitarian Leader and Spiritual Master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) 
• You will access a Multi-disciplinary meditation practice
• You will receive knowledge from his Applied Psychology and Neuroscience self-education and experience
• You’ll have glimpses of Quantum Physics explanations to the powerful Yogic wisdom and practice. 

Artisan Kitchen & Bar at "La Terrazza" LUISAVIAROMA⎜Via Roma 19/21r 50123,  Firenze Toscana, Italy⎜ Mon - Sun 11.00-19.30