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A growing community of unconventional thinkers, spiritual seekers, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and nomadic travellers

Inspired by a fusion of cultures, ancient traditions and the Mediterranean lifestyle, floret was founded in 2017 by Luxury Brand Manager, Tamara Atanasyan and Hospitality Manager, Maurizio Cardinali  to satisfy a longing of mindfulness and awareness for a healthy lifestyle in Italy.  

​La Terrazza LUISAVIAROMA by floret is the first physical location offering a smartfood experience to present their unconditional love for health and wellness, hospitality, travel, and high-quality food.

"We make sure that each guest leaves happy,

satisfied and most importantly nourished!"

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Where does your passion for food come from?


I have explored different cultures and their food habits, having lived in different parts of the world, this and my family influence my love of food. I am confident there is no Armenian family that doesn’t have a passion for food! My partner Maurizio and I have always had a strong affinity for gastronomy.  I wanted us to combine our skills and our passions to launch something totally new in Florence. floret is not just a restaurant; It’s a lifestyle and a community. 


Through Smartfood, we hope to create a movement supporting sustainable, organic, local, and chemical-free products and ingredients across all industries.


The goal is to spread mindfulness, wellness, and help our tribe live consciously for the wellbeing of the planet.

We want our carbon footprint to be as minimal as possible.  Most of our offerings are certified organic and we work with local suppliers whenever possible. Our packaging is compostable or recyclable (BPA-free recycled plastic). We encourage you to recycle our bottles and containers.

Our Responsibility 


“Walking into floret
is like walking on sand"

La Terrazza by floret is a full-service restaurant offering globally-inspired dishes that benefit the mind, body, & soul, founded on the belief that balance is key to a healthy and happy life. 

We create Smartfood, uniting global flavours with

high-quality, local ingredients that nourish and energise. Traditional recipes are interpreted into contemporary, wholesome dishes that will satisfy all kinds of tastebuds and lifestyles.

Located in the centre of Florence, Italy, on the top floor of luxury fashion shop, LUISAVIAROMA,  floret offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. You will find colourful plates, exotic plants, and chic furnishing, which adorn the creative international diners who re-energise with organic food and relish in the good vibes.

Our mission is to create and promote products as well as experiences

that are made with love and support the wellbeing of our tribe and our planet.

The goal: to make the floret-lifestyle effortless and accessible.

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