Michelberger's Fountain of Youth⎜Organic Coconut Water

Michelberger's Fountain of Youth⎜Organic Coconut Water

3 x 520ml Cans 


  • 100% natural, fresh, young coconut water
  • Naturally isotonic, it rehydrates you in a way that's in balance with your body
  • Helps increase your metabolism, so you have more energy to exercise 
  • fatfree, no sugar added, no preservetives, no cholesterol, naturally isotonic, full of essential electrolytes our body needs: magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and especially potassium
  • full of cytokines, about researches have shown that they possess anti-aging powers
  • this coconut water is naturally sweeter than other coconut waters due to its origin of the cococnuts chosen by its highest quality, very low calories
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