Luisa Via Roma Store (La Terrazza), first floor,  Via Roma 19/21r, 1st floor, 50123 Florence
Reservations: +39 055 295924 ⎜ Mon-Sat 10.30-19.30  Sun 11.00-19.30

P. IVA IT02397360971

Why did you decide to open on LuisaViaRoma terrace? It’s a beautiful space!

[Maurizio] We took our time to find our ideal location in Florence. LuisaViaRoma is the perfect match – they are always on top of all trends and it’s a beautiful family business, which we value extensively. And I mean, their terrace…. It’s just ideal. We also wanted to attract an international clientele that appreciates this type of cuisine and lifestyle. In other countries and cities having a restaurant inside a concept store is nothing new, so we wanted to bring this idea to the coolest store in Florence.

"I can´t summarize what floret represents. It`s an ongoing development of a certain lifestyle, it´s mindfulness, it´s a moment."

Tamara Atanasyan, Co-Founder

How did you decide to start floret?

[Tamara] We always shared an unconditional passion for food. Not only for dining or discovering new flavors but also for creating a reflection of our story, insights and experiences in a dish. 

We met in Florence, and this is where we currently call home. We wanted to create an oasis in the city center, where people could relax and feel at home while nourishing their mind and body with curated, organic food. But floret is not a restaurant. It is a lifestyle brand with many interesting projects and popups coming up…

Why did you decide to offer cold-pressed juices ? Can you tell us more about the difference between cold-pressed and other juices?

[Maurizio] Every idea starts with that moment when you realize something is missing, and cold-pressed juices were definitely missing in Florence.

Our energizing cold-pressed juices and smoothies are made with the latest machines and technology that keeps all vitamins and properties alive! To create 500ml of cold-pressed juice we use 2kg of fruits and vegetables – amazing, right? Juice is extracted in its purest form with no oxidation keeping all vitamin and nutrients alive!


[Tamara] We live in such a polluted world. The majority of the food people consume is full of toxins, pesticides, and hormones. This is why it is so vital to unwind, listen to your body and go through a short fasting program. Our organic cold-pressed juices are there to flush all the toxins out of your body.

Why did you choose the giraffe as your logo?

 [Tamara] Elegant and tall, it can see far, so kinda into the future… This is exactly what our plan is for floret... stay tuned & join the tribe! 

How is floret different than other superfood bars and restaurants?

[Tamara] Listen to the song “Manana Tepotzlan” from El Buho, that is the vibe, floret is a gathering place, it’s not just a restaurant it’s an experience.

"We believe in a dynamic menu that changes according to what nature offers in a given season. Two ingredients that we never change? A dash of creativity mixed with love." 

Maurizio Cardinali, Co-Founder 


What inspires you? 

our family