Update from floret as We Navigate



Revised: March 26th 2021

we care for YOU.

our TRIBE. 


Dear All,


Our team has been strategising together these past few weeks to ensure that we are fully prepared to provide you, our Tribe, with the safest and highest-quality products and service at the restaurant and via delivery. Your health is our top priority, and we want to ensure you that we are committed to upholding strict food-safety practices.

Navigating this new environment, we will continue to instil the highest level of service standards coupled with new safety and sanitary precautions to keep you, our Tribe, happy and healthy at the floret oasis.


The following are our new safety measures before, during, and after service:

  • Employees spray every inch of the dining floor pre-opening and closing with Industry Standard Sanitizing Equipment

  • All Employees are required to wear masks and gloves

  • Employees wipe down all surfaces every 30-mins before & after customer interactions

  • Employees are required to wash hands and change gloves every 30-mins

  • Customers are provided with a single-use paper menu

  • All fruits, vegetables, and anything other products or ingredients that arrive at floret are cleaned with food-grade, sanitizing products 

  • We have decreased the number of tables to ensure a minimum of 2-meters between guests

  • We encourage our Tribe to please reserve their table before so we can safely accommodate you and other guests

Please know that we continue to monitor the CDC, WHO, and La Protezione Civile for updates and public safety recommendations to keep our team and our customers safe while dining at floret.

Stay healthy, stay well, stay happy. 

floret tribe