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Our bodies are constantly detoxifying - if they didn’t we wouldn’t be alive! We clear out toxins naturally. This means the main organs of detoxification are our urinary and digestive tracts, our skin and lungs. We can help our bodies detox by supporting these important organ systems with nutrients and lifestyle practices. Our liver, an important detox organ, requires protein, vitamins and antioxidants to effectively clear toxins as well as rest and adequate stress management.

Disclaimer: Consult your physician before beginning any diet, nutrition, or fitness plan, including any offered through the website. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider if you have any questions regarding a medical condition, your diet, nutritional supplements, an exercise regimen, or any other matter related to your health and well-being.



An important first step in supporting your body’s detox processes is to reduce our exposure to toxins found in our environment and in our food.


Foods that can increase the toxic burden on our bodies include highly processed foods, packaged foods with long ingredient lists, and common trigger foods such as dairy and gluten.


Increase your intake of detox-supporting foods such as cruciferous vegetables and high-quality lean protein. Eat local organic foods when possible and avoid plastic packaging.


And don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!




Food plays an important role in all phases of detoxification. It is crucial to include nourishing foods along with your cold-pressed juices.


Here’s a list of foods to focus on:

- Omega-3 rich Fish (e.g. Salmon, Sardines)

- Legumes (Beans, Soy, Lentils)

- Organic free-range Eggs

- Nuts, Seeds, Avocado, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil,

 Flaxseed & Pumpkin Seed Oil

- Leaf Greens & Cruciferous Veggies (Broccoli, Brussels, Kale, Bok Choy)

- Alliums (Onion, Garlic, Scallions)

- Citrus Fruits 

- All Herbs & Spices 

Side effects: Detoxification takes a tremendous amount of energy! When we stimulate our detox pathways our bodies need more nutrients and rest, so tiredness can be a potential side effect. And as toxins begin to be released and cleared, other effects may appear: headaches, brain fog, mood swings, body aches, nausea and changes in bowel movements and sleep patterns. These should subside within the first few days. Drink plenty of water and allow your body to rest. Contact your healthcare provider if you experience severe symptoms or if symptoms persist beyond a few days.

Reintroduce foods slowly, starting with easier to digest, cooked meals such as soups and stews. Add one new food at a time and observe how your body reacts. It may take several days for digestion to pick up the pace, so be gentle.


We recommend to follow your reset plan for at least 21 days. 

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For your daily journey to wellness - physical movement, mindfulness & the right nutrition go hand in hand.

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