Make the most out of your juice cleanse, start by eliminating meat, dairy, gluten, caffeine, refined sugar, nicotine and alcohol 3 days before you start your juice cleanse.  You CAN do it!

It’s best you start your morning with a cup of herbal tea or warm water with lemon and drinking at least two litres of filtered water per day. 



Start your morning with one of our Vitality Shots or a cup of warm water with lemon each day. Spice it up and add some cayenne, turmeric, or raw Manuka honey for an extra boost. Drink a juice every two hours or when you feel hungry. Keep drinking water and natural herb cleansing tea in between your raw juices. For a deeper detox, give your body rest and only do light exercise such as yoga or meditation. Listen to your body and if it is your first time cleansing you can include a homemade vegetable broth, a few slices of apples or cucumbers.  We are here for you. If you have any questions you contact us at info@floret-bar.com 



What you put into your body after your cleanse is very important. Ideally, you want to keep the detoxification process going on as long as possible, therefore try to eat raw fruit and vegetables or keep it liquid-based with smoothies, soups or light nourishing salads. Visit us for a healthy brunch and our tribe will guide you through a healthy post-cleanse menu. 



If you are in doubt, please consult with your physician before going on any type of cleansing, especially if you have allergies or other existing medical conditions. 


The cold-pressed method, unlike centrifugal juicing, uses a hydraulic press and a slow pulveriser to extract more live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibres, and phytonutrients without adding heat and oxidation. It preserves the integrity of the juice, leaving it rich with its original nutrients. There are numerous benefits to drinking cold-pressed juices. It assists in detoxification, easing the strain of the cleansing process on the body. Packed with nutrients, that are easily digestible, the body does not have to work to break it down; instead, nutrients immediately enter the body. 


Drinking organic cold-pressed juice is a perfect way to cleanse your body. Due to the high concentration of nutrients and fibre, juicing aids your body in detoxification. It gives your digestive system much-needed rest and makes it easier for your organs to release the built-up toxins in the body. By cleansing, you assist your body to rejuvenate and eliminate toxins. 


Reduces toxins / Boosts your immune system
Enhances your energy levels / Clears your skin and helps you get glowing /  Stimulates weight loss.


All our juice cleanses are made-to-order, fresh, in-house. Each day of your cleanse consists of SIX (6) 500ml cold-pressed juices that replace solid food. Each bottle of juice contains 1,5kg of fresh fruits and vegetables power-packed with vitamins, minerals and raw life enzymes.  You can choose from our existing menu or you can contact us and our tribe is happy to make you any custom flavour combination! 


Drink a juice every two hours and drink your last juice two hours before bedtime. We always recommend listening to your body and if it is your first time cleansing you can also incorporate a smoothie in the morning or a few slices of apples or cucumbers. 



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